Saturday, 16 February 2013

Shock News !

This year Chinese New Year my family doesn't really celebrate it due to my uncle on my father side had pass away during Chinese New Year's Eve. Honestly, our family did not expect will receiving the bad news at 4.30a.m.

Apart from that, all our plan to do a family gathering on my father side on the first day of CNY had to cancelled immediately. So, its totally a shocking news for all of us. I still cannot believe it that our uncle had left us; though I just met him during my brother's wedding - last year.

We already knew that he suffered the kidney problem since few years ago, so we can see he's been suffering the disease quite long time. During my visits to the house, I truly admired my aunt (The Late's wife), she's been strong and she even said "Syukurlah uncle kamu tidak payah sengsara lagi", and her tears fall apart.

It quite sad for all of us...

However, the one has one life soon well be leaving us eventually. :')

R.I.P Uncle T...

Till the next post !


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