Saturday, 16 February 2013

I called it ValenFunny's Day

How you celebrate your valentine's day fellow readers.? Well, I celebrated it with funny, interesting and adventurous way.

I want to share what happened during the Valentine's Day. Well, on last 13 Feb, me,my cousins and few of my girl friends had decided to jalan-jalan at Beaufort using the train as our main transportation. So, we had plan our train trip properly with the short and spontaneous itinerary. So, 'Finger-crossed' that all is well.

There are 9 of us, and all girls apparently; this train trip consists without guy, because we all agreed we do this short without any man with us. So, main yakin saja, nasib kawan-kawan yang lain pandai taekwondo and karate juga hahaha.

Then, on 14 Feb we all agreed to meet up at Kinarut Station before 8.00a.m, unfortunately only one of us can make it before 8.00a.m. Myself, my two cousins, and one friend arrived at the station at leats we made it before 8.00a.m. So, the rest four girls had left behind, all because the 'volunteer driver' who supposed to send them but he drove them to station at 8.00a.m. OMG..!

So, those of us who arrived first, we bought our ticket first and pray so hardly hopefully they can made it before the train arrive. Unfortunately, kuang, kuang, kuang we had to ride the train without them, tapi yang paling sakit hati, the moment when the train passed through the gate we saw their car was waiting to pass through of the gate. Paling sakit hati

And, we were quite moody after that, because we didn't expect this something happen on us. Then, my friend called me, and she said she and the rest will charter one car to send them to Papar Station and hopefully we can meet up with them back. And, we were like OK, that will be great, and again hopefully they can made it before the train arrive and catch the next train.

Unfortunately,.again the luck still not on our side. They were late 10 minutes, and the train had left them again. However, we decided to stop at Papar Station and meet them up. That means we did not continue the journey to Beaufort, instead waiting for the rest (yang on the way pergi Papar ikut Charter). So, we wasted our ticket and decided to stick together. Sama-sama senang, sama-sama susah.

Its quite funny that we supposed to go to Beaufort, but our pit stop at Papar pula hahaha. Then, we had our breakfast at Papar, and at the same time there are kiosk during that time about the arrival of Prime Minister visits to Papar. Apa lagi Election Vote punya pasal hehehe. After breakfast, we walked around and had fun, took a lot of photos, eat, eat,and eat again.

After that, around 1.00pm, my cousin make suggestion AGAIN, that we all catch the next train to Beaufort at 2.29pm. Then, we think, think, and think..tadaa we all agreed. Yes! Back to the plan! So, we bought the next ticket to Beaufort. And guess what ?! Finally, we made it to Beaufort, although its quite late for us.

We arrived at Beaufort around at 3.45p.m, and the first place we went is The Pet Shop hahaha. Then, we had our tea time at Beaufort at Kedai Mamak. After our tea time, we saw the train had arrived. And we were like rushing and we all straight running to the train station. We were afraid that we will be left behind to catch the last train.

Guess what ?! We were ALMOST be left behind AGAIN. Thank God we made it catch the last train back to Kinarut Station.. Fuhhh...

Its quite hilarious when we think and talk about our craziness and how silly we are. But, at last we made it to Beaufort, though some of us be left behind at the first beginning, and almost be left behind AGAIN !

So, the moral story here is BE PUNCTUAL in whatever, whenever you do and wherever you are :) - A Friendly Reminder.

Till the next post !

Happy Valentine's Day to all viewer


lexa said...

that sound awesome :)
i never ride the train back in KK eventhough I am originally frm Sabah.Gosh.

Edith said...

Sia pun plan mo p train ride kunun tpi inda jadi, telampau byk events :) Yg penting kamurang enjoy bah kan :)

VaL said...

Lexa: Yaa truly sound awesome but imagine have to rushing all the way, jadual train pun mao dikejar bha takut kena tinggal ni hahaha

VaL said...

Edith: Yaaa memang have fun and enjoy lah, plan time cuti sekolah paling ngam timing. Next time kami mao plan pg Tenom lagi hehe :))

Vanessa said...

Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other???
Lovely greets Nessa

Vanessa said...

Thank you so much for the follow.^^
Follow you back on gfc.
Hope you visit my blog again.;)

Marcela Gmd said...

Nice post!!! would you like to follow each other?
Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

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