Saturday, 30 March 2013

End of March

Hello bloggers :).

Ergghh..Cant believe I didn't spend some time with my blog ( jealous ni yang lain blogger ada masa pula update blog dorang heehee ). Frankly speaking, I'm quite enjoy with my work life and social life. That means yah I still managed to balanced both side of my life.

Anyway, I would like to share some random pictures along Marchs' activities. Enjoy fella !

P/s: Blessed Easter Day fellow blogger ^^.

After work, jogging time. My favorite spot in Bukit Padang, I can enjoy the sunset and KK view. 

I bought these book on 4 March, finished read it on 5 March. I know so fast isn't it?
Because I'm a huge fan of the author.

Family Dinner in Langkah Syabas Resort. #Farewell #dinner #for #aunt

Four different tastes of  Home Made Pizzas

The process was quite easy..bon appetite !
Shopping flowers in Papar Village #Kg.Pengalat

Till next post !

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