Thursday, 10 January 2013

PTPTN Letter

Well, not a good thing to start my day today. I received my PTPTN letter this morning..Oh boy~. Yup, that means I need to start to pay my debt already. 

Hopefully, I can started to paying it for next month. #fingercrossed . Apparently, I also had my plan to go on vacation at the end of this year (I know what you thinking, I know~ the New Year had just started hahaha but I already thinking about the END of the year). That means I need to be smart in saving some money for my own use.

Well, I need to give myself a break and relax, well that is LIFE. Life should be fun, enjoy and full of memories. So, I already chose which country I want to visit; it will be AWESOME !; will let you know in the next post then :). Have a good day, readers !

Till next post !


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